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Membership Categories and Dues

Are you a current or past member of the AGS? If so, click here to renew/rejoin.AGS membership runs on anniversary year. Membership is valid for one year from your join/renew date, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy a full year’s worth of benefits. View benefits and join today.


Licensed physician with special training or interest in geriatrics.           

$415 (1 year)– Join Now 

$830 (2 years)– Join Now

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Licensed nurse with special training or interest in geriatrics. 

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Social Worker

Licensed social worker with special training or interest in geriatrics. 

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Physician Assistant

Licensed physician assistant with special training or interest in geriatrics.      

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Licensed pharmacist with special training or interest in geriatrics.       

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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International Membership

Licensed physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, physician assistants, or other healthcare professionals residing in countries classified as middle or low-income by The World Bank are eligible for this discounted membership category.

$270 (Physician, Middle Income Country) – Join Now

$130 (Physician, Low Income Country) – Join Now

Non-Physician Healthcare Professionals residing in these countries are also eligible for discounts. Please contact for more information.

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Other Health Care Professional

Non-physician healthcare professional on a geriatrics interdisciplinary team.                 

$322 (1 year) – Join Now

$645 (2 years) – Join Now

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Health care professionals who have returned to school to further their education in geriatrics or gerontology while continuing to work.          

$234 – Join Now

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Currently enrolled in a full-time fellowship program.    

$120 – Join Now The online Fellow-in-Training application is temporarily unavailable. Please click hereto download a Fellow-in-Training membership application form and e-mail your application to, or call to join at 212-308-1414.  

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Current resident participating in a residency program.                 

$102 – Join Now

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Full-time health professional, medical, or nursing student in geriatrics/gerontology.  

$78 – Join Now

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Student and Resident E-Membership

E-membership allows students and residents a way to stay connected via member communications and special announcements for trainees interested in geriatrics. E-membership does not include member journals or a free copy of Geriatrics at Your Fingertips.     

FREE – Join Now Student E-Membership

FREE – Join Now Resident E-Membership

E-Memberships remain valid through the length of your program and will expire at the end of your graduation/residency end month.

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Special Membership Program

AGS Corporate Membership Discount Program

Retired or semi-retired members who are at least 60 years old, or working less than 20 hours each week in active practice may submit a dues reduction request to



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